Payment Processing for Service-Oriented Professionals

A payment solution custom-built to meet your needs
As a professional, you’re mindful of the value of your own time. You need a payment processing solution that is mobile, affordable, reduces chargebacks and provides easy-to-reconcile reporting. iCMP MPOS can meet all those needs—whether you’re in your office or meeting in a client’s home.
Partner talent with transaction processing, and you can build your business. By using iCMP MPOS, you can encourage patrons to purchase more by allowing them to use their payment method of choice. Never miss out on a sale.
Offer your customers a full service salon and spa experience by providing a full range of payment acceptance options. iCMP MPOS is a simple, sleek and affordable mobile payments solution offering full debit and credit EMV and contactless acceptance.
Whether you have a brick-and-mortar boutique or sell items at seasonal festivals or pop-up kiosks, iCMP MPOS gives you the ability to maximize your sales by providing customers with more payment choices. Don’t limit your sales to customer cash-on-hand. iCMP MPOS can help you move merchandise—whether on the sidewalk or between the aisles.
Mechanics and auto repair shops need to keep clients moving—both on the road and through the transaction process. iCMP MPOS helps you to provide your customers with a smooth transition from service through transaction. Speed processing with contactless acceptance and enhance service with multiple card readers for convenient curbside checkout.
Clients trust you to create memorable, hassle-free events. Don’t let a lack of payment options get in the way of exceptional service and a truly memorable occasion. Offer your clients full-service event planning, including full debit and credit card payment options with a portable and affordable payment solution.
Make it easy for people to support the causes they care about by accepting more forms of payment. Add multiple iCMP MPOS devices to help shorten lines and give patrons a better experience—all while reducing chargebacks and reconciliation time.
You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your fare has enough cash on them for the ride. Instead, offer your customers fast, reliable debit and credit card processing. With iCMP MPOS, you’ll have an easier ride home.
Customers want service as great as the food they eat, while you want to maximize your space by turning tables quickly. With iCMP MPOS, customers get speedy, table-side service, while you get paperless transactions, fast processing, and the ability to serve more customers.